Create a Value Packed resume that celebrates your achievements,  validates your value and will have you booked in for that intervew in a flash!


Are you ready to wow your next employer with an impactful and authentic resume that clearly shows your value, your strengths, and why they would be mad not to hire you?!


Well, I've got just what you need! 


I created this package using the system I developed and have used for over ten years, to position women in their authentic brilliance for the next step in their careers. 


In as little as 2 hours, following my comprehensive guides and easy to use template, you can have a winning resume that truly showcases your value, talents and achievements, positioning you as the expert needed for your next exciting role!

Who is this for?


If you are a busy professional woman in corporate areas (such as HR, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Project Management and Administration) who wants to land your next dream job using an impactful resume that shows your value and just how awesome you really are, then this is for YOU! 


With my step-by-step hand-holding guidance, you can create a winning resume in as little as 2 hours, so you can apply for that new job today!!


This process has secured hundreds of my clients their dream jobs and next steps, more money and careers they love! 


Does this sound familiar?


You know that having a kick-ass resume that shows the value you offer, your strengths and talents will get you the interview and a step closer to your dream job


You know that you need to really showcase all the amazing things you have achieved that make you so good at what you do.


You know that being confident in writing about yourself is key to getting noticed!


...but it's so hard to write about yourself


...and you haven't got a clue about what style to use that looks good and reads well


...but you sure know it isn't a word template or copying your best mate's resume!

So, what do you do? 


You dig out your old resume, cut and paste your current position description and add it as your latest role, and say 'it'll do" (but you know it won't... and it doesn't)


... or you put it off for this week, and next, and the one after that, then wonder why you still don't have the job of your dreams even though you're never ready to apply. 


... or you pay hundreds of $$ for a resume writer to do it for you, but still don't have the knowledge or skills to do it yourself in the end, and pay hundreds more next time you need it updated.


... or you decide to empower yourself to be the leader in your own career and be your own bad-ass resume writer and interview getter! 


And that is where the

comes in...and why the way you brand yourself will change forever!

Hi, I'm Katie, a disco-loving, woman-empowering, career and personal brand strategist, and language-loving wordsmith, and I've been helping women build their careers with outstanding resumes since 2011. 


After helping hundreds of women to grow their dream careers, by running a successful career branding and resume writing business, I am now passionate about empowering women to be the leaders in their own careers, and teaching them what it takes to create their own career brand and achievement-packed resume.


My superpowers include helping you to uncover your amazing achievements, strengths, gifts and talents and learning how to communicate and present them, so you are top of the class, the gold star applicant and outshine the competition! 


Think of me as your Personal Career Guide, your Fairy Jobmother, your Cheerleader and Biggest Fan!


As an expert Executive Resume Writer and Career Brand Strategist, former National Talent Acquisition Lead for an ASX listed company, and Regional Recruitment Manager for top tier global and national firms, you get an expert on your side with the inside info on what recruiters REALLY want to see! 


You get inside the head of someone who has designed and implemented large-scale values-based recruitment processes, written and trained others on job advertising and the psychology behind it, screened and interviewed thousands of candidates, and created hundreds of resumes and career branding strategies for amazing clients.


You get all of this wrapped up in an easy-to-use program, with me guiding and empowering you to showcase your achievements and accomplishments and SHINE!!!  

Land your next dream job by creating  your own kick-ass resume using my templates, career insights questionnaire and easy to follow 'how-to' guide to increase your impact and 'top-of-the-pile' visibility!


This exclusive bundle is designed specifically to help busy career women land their next dream job using an impactful resume that shows their value and just how awesome they really are! 


Everything has been tested, proven, easy-to-use and totally "non-resume-writer" friendly.


Including my highest converting resume template, career insights questionnaire, 'how to' guide, to walk you through the how, the why and the what of resume writing that has secured hundreds of my clients their dream jobs, more money and careers they love!


Everything you'll find Inside the Suite


Highest Converting Professional Resume Template (value $249)


Create a kick-ass, HR-loving, high-converting resume, using my 'designed-for-you' editable template styled to deliver maximum impact, showcasing what needs to be seen...your content!


Your Own Content Generating Career Questionnaire (Value $149)


Uncover and structure all of your amazing achievements and talents with my career insights questionnaire that I have used and refined over the years with my 1:1 clients


How to Write an Awesome Resume Masterclass (Value $199)


I will teach you the HOW, the WHY and the WHAT to include in your resume, and walk you through each step like I am sitting next to you and guiding you in person.



Suss out your values vibes to add even more authenticity and impact to your resume (Value $149)


Get clear on your values and align with what you love with my Values Assessment, adding even more impact to your resume!


AMAZING Katie!! The template you provide for the resume matches each slide perfectly and the explanation of the video makes it incredibly simple to work through – and who doesn’t want that ?!


This video made me feel really empowered about my skills and that I should be selling myself as much as possible. The entire thing was so well explained, clear and very simple to follow along, it almost felt like having you on the phone working through it as you spoke​.

Hannah C, Administrator Extroardinaire and busy mum of 2 (nearly 3) kids!

So, imagine if...


You find your dream job and KNOW you have what they are looking for, AND you know how to communicate this CONFIDENTLY


You feel empowered to share your value and are being offered interviews, giving you the opportunity to choose a role that is right for you, not just take whatever option you get! 


Every interview you get you are complemented on the quality and impact of your resume!


...this is how it should be... and can be for you, too! 


Just think, in 2 hours from now, you could have that weight off your shoulders and an amazing new resume that truly demonstrates your value, talents and achievements, positioning you as the expert needed for your next dream role!

Client Results Disclaimer.

Whilst we and our clients have achieved success with the professional resume template, the bonus career insights questionnaire and the how to guide, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same results of getting an interview or being offered a job. There are many variables in the job application and hiring process over which we have no control. We can guide you on what information to include, based on years of experience in working with clients to achieve positive outcomes, but we cannot do the work for you, nor can we guarantee that you will be selected for the role. This is true of any resume template or resume writing service.


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